Music Now Audio Key

Air TemperatureFluteWarmer temperatures correspond to higher notes.
PrecipitationCymbalsCymbal crashes (containing higher frequencies for larger events).
Streamflow1Bass Guitar, French HornBass guitar and French Horn start low and move higher in pitch as the stream flow increases. If there is normal stream flow, you will hear the lowest pitch played on both.
Streamflow2KoraStream flow is expressed as a pattern of high notes on plucked Kora which start medium pitched and move higher as stream flow increases.
Soil WaterGuitarNotes are low for dry soils and increase as soil water storage increases.
EvapotranspirationAfrican MarimbasMarimbas go up and down as evapotransporation increases and decreases.
Snow DepthChimesCeleste indicates snow is present.
Wind DirectionViolinPitches start low at 0 degrees North and move higher every 12.4 degress over 4 octaves or 29 notes moving thru 90 degrees (East), 180 (South), 270 (West). The highest pitch will be 359 degrees.
Wind VelocityShakersThe volume of the shaker pattern increases as wind velocity increases. The panning of the shakers from the left to the right speaker is controlled by wind direction.
Solar RadiationGlass ChimesBoth pitch and volume increase as solar radiation increases.
StreamflowTempoStream flow also causes the duration between 16th note beats to range from 100ms when high stream flow to 200ms at lowest stream flow.